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Tmg Co. - 40NIC - Industrial Nitrogen 40 Contents Only

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Industrial Nitrogen 40 Contents


Nitrogen Is The Most Popular Industrial Gas, Used In The Following Industries: *Chemicals *Pharmaceuticals *Petroleum Processing* Glass and Ceramic Manufacture *Steelmaking *Pulp and Paper *Healthcare.Ánitrogen May Be Referred To As Ln (Liquid Nitrogen) In Its Liquid Form. Bulk Liquid Nitrogen or Cylinders Of High Pressure Nitrogen Are Preferred For Applications Where Purity Is Valued Over Cost and Convenience.Ágaseous Nitrogen Is Used To Shield Potentially Reactive Materials From Contact with Oxygen. Nitrogen Is Colorless, Odorless, Nonflammable and Tasteless.Áit Gas Is Slightly Lighter Than Air and Soluble In Water. While Often Used As An Inert Gas, Nitrogen Is Not Truly Inert. It Can Be Mixed with Oxygen To Form Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide; Mixed with Hydrogen To Form Ammonia; or Mixed with Sulfur To Form Nitrogen Sulfide. At A Certain Temperature, Nitrogen Will Combine with Active Metals Such As Lithium, Magnesium or Titanium To Form Nitrides. Compounds Formed with Halogens and Other or ganic Compounds Can Be Explosive.Ánitrogen Condenses At Its Boiling Point, -195.8° C (-320.4° F), To A Colorless Liquid That Is Lighter Than Water.

California residents: see Proposition 65 Warning

Features and Specification

Handle No
Fuel Type Nitrogen
Brand Varies
Application Purging
Warranty Offered Yes
Tank Size 40 Cubic Feet
Package Weight 0.9999


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