Smart & Connected Homes

Discover connected home devices from leading manufacturers and brands including nest, Google Home, Honeywell Lyric and Rheem Econet. We carry wifi enabled thermostats, wifi indoor and outdoor security cameras plus wifi smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

honeywell total home comfort smart home products
honeywell lyric connected home products honeywell lyric connected home products

Honeywell Lyric Total Home Comfort Products

Honeywell Lyric® fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and other ecosystems. Automatically activates when you are near by utilizing your smartphone’s location. Geofencing automatically regulates temperature when you’re away. Fine Tune measures levels of indoor humidity and temperature that allows for increased comfort.

nest connected home products
nest connected home products

nest Connected Homes

Nest products are made to work together. They can even work with lights, locks and other products in your home. Nest Protect can tell your Nest Thermostat to turn off the heat. If Nest Protect detects smoke, your Nest Thermostat can turn off the fan. The Nest Thermostat is just one part of your heating and cooling system. But it can keep an eye on the rest of it. You’ll get an alert on your phone if there’s something wrong.

rheem econet home products
rheem econet smart home products rheem econet smart home products

Rheem® EcoNet® Smart Home Products

Rheem® EcoNet™ powers an ever-growing list of Rheem smart heating, cooling and water heating products. EcoNet is the Brains of Rheem Smart Air and Water Products using the latest in sensor technology, the EcoNet® Smart Monitoring System offers a new level of protection, comfort and energy savings.

ecobee connected home products
ecobee connected home products

ecobee Smart Home Products

With built-in Alexa Voice Service, ecobee4 can listen to your voice commands and respond. Have it set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature, and more. It also comes with a room sensor that helps manage hot and cold spots in your home, delivering comfort in the rooms that matter. And because they can detect occupancy, they can automatically enable the right mode on your ecobee4 for energy savings when it senses no one is home.

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