Shipments & Deliveries

Delivery and pick-up options that suit your needs

We have multiple delivery and pick-up options that make picking up or receiving delivery of orders easy. Orders placed online or from a local sales center can be picked up from your local sales center in-store or shipped to a job-site or your business address. Our delivery vehicle fleet can make large equipment deliveries while smaller shipments can be delivered using common carriers such as UPS and FedEx.


Shipping, Pick-up & Delivery

job site delivery

We offer multiple delivery methods to suit the needs of every customer. Our fleet of over 200 delivery vehicles can make on-site deliveries with large equipment. We also utilize UPS and common carriers for smaller, local and out of town deliveries.

in-store pickup

Orders can be picked up in-store from a nearby sales center. Sales center employees can have orders ready for pickup as early as 30 minutes after your order has been placed.