Ice Machine Sanitation

Enhanced sanitation solutions made simple

Sanitation by design. It’s not a reaction. It’s not a fad. It’s what Manitowoc has built into every ice machine for decades. From the color of the plastics we use (white to better identify contaminants), to a front-facing evaporator for easy access and thorough cleaning, to the LuminIce® II UV growth inhibitor, Manitowoc designs and builds ice machines with food safety in mind.

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Indigo® is the easiest machine to clean in the industry

Surfaces and parts that require cleaning are 100% accessible from the front of the machine and can be easily removed without tools. The swinging front door, available on 22" and 30" models, eases access to the front-facing evaporator making inspection and cleaning of the foodzone quicker and easier. Manitowoc raises the cleaning standard by not only designing Indigo ice machines to be easier to clean but by also offering several key technologies to help inhibit slime growth, lime deposits and mineral scale. For starters, we mold select foodzone plastic components with AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection.

Foodzone edges have rounded corners that wipe cleaner, easier. Our optional Automatic Cleaning System (iAuCS®) initiates a cleaning or sanitizing cycle to the evaporator AUTOMATICALLY at an interval you select, extending the time between full-service cleanings. Manitowoc’s exclusive LuminIce® Growth Inhibitor accessory creates “active air” that passes over exposed foodzone components to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common micro-organisms, so your Indigo stays cleaner, longer. That’s intelligent design.


Front-facing evaporator


Snap fit water pump


Rounded foodzone corners


Removable water trough


Snap-fit water probe


LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor

Available on both Indigo NXT and NEO series ice machines, the optional LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor creates “active air” by recirculating the air inside the ice machine foodzone components to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common micro-organisms. Learn more about Manitowoc Ice Machine sanitation solutions


manitowoc luminice growth inhibitor

The LuminIce II space-saving design fits inside the ice machine so existing exterior clearances are not impacted. In addition, power for the unit is supplied through the ice machine’s internal electrical supply so outlet space is conserved.

With LuminIce II

manitowoc luminice growth inhibitor

Without LuminIce II

manitowoc luminice growth inhibitor

The LuminIce II device runs quietly 24 hours a day keeping your ice machine cleaner and helping to relieve the stress and pain of frequent cleanings due to challenging foodservice environments where yeast, flour, and other contaminants create an environment favorable to growth. Reduced cleanings ultimately saves labor time, cost, and machine downtime during the cleaning process.


Ice Accessories

manitowoc arctic pure ice and water filtration

Arctic Pure® Water Filter
Conditions incoming water, reduces machine cleaning frequency and service costs while maximizing equipment performance and improving ice quality. Shop Now

manitowoc luminice growth inhibitor

LuminIce® II Growth Inhibitor
Re-circulates air around the ice machine foodzone components to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common micro-organisms. Shop Now

manitowoc iaucs automatic cleaning system

Automatic Cleaning System
Schedules and performs routine ice machine cleaning automatically to eliminate manual cleaning procedures on your Manitowoc ice machine. Shop Now

manitowoc external scooper holder

External Ice Scoop
External ice scoop with 7 different configurations to mount on wall, vertical or horizontal. Works with D-Bin scoop and metal scoop. Shop Now


Complete Water Filtration Solutions

Give your customers exceptional water. Commercial water filtration systems are a critical component of foodservice operations.

Coffee and tea are 98% water. Fountain beverages are 83% water. Ice is 100% water. And combo ovens and steamers need water to work. Following manufacturer instructions for regularly replacing water filter cartridges helps ensure the quality and taste of food and drink and the performance and longevity of water-using equipment. To get the most out of your foodservice water filtration system, choose Pentair Everpure.

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everpure water filtration solutions for manitowoc ice machines
baker distributing ice design centers

Ice Design Centers
Our 15 Ice Design Centers and 120 Authorized Locations in Florida, Texas, Georgia Alabama, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Denver CO. Dedicated Foodservice / Ice Specialists with years of experience and a customer focus second to none. Learn more

manitowoc best in class

Best-in-class Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
For the past 17 years, FE&S (Foodservice Equipment & Supplies) magazine has named Manitowoc Ice the Overall Best-in-Class in the ice maker category as voted by foodservice consultants, distributors, dealers and operators. No other ice machine manufacturer can say that. That’s why Manitowoc ice machines remain America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine. View Manitowoc Ice Machines

manitowoc energy star rated

Manitowoc Ice Machines earn the ENERGY STAR®
Commercial ice machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average 15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient than other models. Manitowoc Ice leads the way with the highest number of qualifying ice machines that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines.

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