DOE Regulations

SEER Testing Procedure Changes For 2023

One of the biggest changes coming in 2023 isn’t just the SEER adjustment, but how SEER ratings are tested.

The rating designations will be transitioning from SEER / EER / HSPF to SEER2 / EER2 / HSPF2.

Why? The current SEER testing doesn’t represent the impact ductwork and external static pressure have on HVAC systems. The testing changes are meant to reflect real life field conditions more accurately. M1 testing procedures will increase the systems’ external static pressure from current SEER (0.1 in of water) to SEER2 (0.5 in. of water).

Key Changes

  • Minimum Air Handler Static Pressure
  • Fan Power for Coil-Only Units
  • Heating Load Calculation
  • Heating Mode Test
  • Variable Speed Factor for SEER2
  • Off-Mode Power Test
  • Full DOE Testing Procedures