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manitowoc arctic pure water filtration systems

Arctic Pure Water Filtration
Arctic Pure® water filters are designed exclusively for Manitowoc Ice ice machine applications.

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pentair everpure insurice water filtration systems

Pentair Everpure Insurice
The exact water quality spec needed to meet operator’s ingredient and process water requirements.

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optipure water filtration

Optipure Water Filters
Optipure water filtration systems include reverse osmosis and water softeners for ice makers.

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nucalgon nu-plus CFS water filtration systems

NuCalgon Water Filtration
Reduce sediment particulate as well as chlorine and other objectionable taste and odors of the water, beverages, coffee, and ice.

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Arctic Pure Water Filters

Arctic Pure Water Filters

Filter up to 1,001-2,500 pounds of ice per day

Over 60% of ice machine maintenance calls are water related! Arctic Pure® water filters are designed exclusively for ice machine applications and will reduce these calls. Arctic Pure® conditions incoming water, reduces machine cleaning frequency and service costs, maximizes equipment performance, and improves ice quality. Features include replaceable filters and compact size. All systems carry a 3‑year parts-and-labor warranty.

Standard Features

  • Scale inhibitor is designed into the filters to reduce scale build-up even under the hardest water conditions. Reduces chlorine taste and odor.
  • All filtration and scale reduction material is NSF and/or FDA compliant and is engineered to reduce chlorine taste and odor. Ice looks and tastes better. Graded density carbon block filter.
  • Provides superior dirt holding capacity and fine sediment reduction. Sanitary quick-change housing.
  • Design minimizes contamination of filter media during filter cartridge change-out. All filters are provided with automatic shut-off and pressure relief valves.

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manitowoc ice arctic pure water filtration systems and replacement filters
  AR10000 AR20000 AR40000
Particle Reduction 1 micron 1 micron 1 micron
Gal. Capacity 14,000 gal 20,000 gal 40,000 gal
Scale Inhibitor 20 grams 40 grams 80 grams
Lbs. per day 0-600 601-1000 1001-2500

Pentair Everpure Insurice Water Filters

Pentair Everpure Insurice Water Filters

Filter up to 100,000 gallons per day

Commercial water filtration systems are a critical component of foodservice operations. Coffee and tea are 98% water. Fountain beverages are 83% water. Ice is 100% water. And combo ovens and steamers need water to work. Following manufacturer instructions for regularly replacing water filter cartridges helps ensure the quality and taste of food and drink and the performance and longevity of water-using equipment. To get the most out of your foodservice water filtration system, choose Pentair Everpure water filtration systems and cartridges.

Standard Features

  • Effectively filters dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron in size by mechanical means
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means
  • Allows chlorine and chloramines present in the influent municipal stream to pass through, helping to inhibit bacterial growth and slime in the ice machine and ice bin, reducing the risk of health inspection violations
  • Scale inhibition protects your ice machine from scale damage that can increase energy and service costs, and cause equipment downtime

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pentair everpure water filtration systems and replacement filters
Single - Twin
Particle Reduction .5 micron .5 micron .5 micron .5 micron .5 micron .5 micron
Service Flow Rate 3.34 GPM 6.68 GPM up to 14 GPM 2.0 GPM 10 GPM 10 GPM
Gal. Capacity 18,000 gal 35,000 gal 100,000 gal 15,000 gal 60,000 gal 100,000 gal
Ice Machine Type Cubers & Flakers High Capacity High Capacity High Capacity High Capacity High Capacity

Optipure FX & QT Water Filtration Systems

OptiPure Water Filtration

Filter up to 90,000 gallons per day

OptiPure filtration systems are a single housing water treatment system with a 10” drop-in cartridge that reduces sediment down to 0.5 micron and reduces chlorine, taste & odor at a flow rate of 1.5 GPM for 15,000 gallons. The system includes IsoNet®, OptiPure’s patented scale inhibiting technology, which delivers consistent protection against the precipitation and accumulation of scale and provides a protective barrier to help guard against corrosion.

Standard Features

  • OptiPure’s patented scale inhibiting technology helps protect equipment against scale and corrosion for the rated capacity of the system.
  • Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, and extends equipment life.
  • Gradient-density depth filtration reduces dirt, rust, and other debris as small as 1/2 micron to assure clean, clear water and protect solenoids, valves and other fittings against wear and plugging.
  • High-capacity activated carbon filtration makes water taste great and protects equipment against corrosive chlorine.

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optipure water filtration systems and replacement filters
Particle Reduction .5 micron .5 micron
Gal. Capacity up to 60,000 gal up to 90,000 gal
Service Flow Rate up to 6 GPM up to 9 GPM

NuCalgon CFS, MicroPlus & NP Water Filtration Systems

Nu-Calgon Water Filtration

A family of replacement cartridges and manifolds

A cost-effective water filtration system for food service applications: ice machines, fountain beverages, steam ovens, and drinking water. These systems offer manifold and sanitary quick-change cartridges to fit the existing CUNO CFS brand installations and can also support new filtration installations. CFS is the reliable choice for water filtration to prevent unwanted troubles caused by sediment, scale, or taste and odor existing in CUNO installations.

Micro Plus is the complete treatment program for commercial ice makers, coffee urns and brewers, beverage machines and other water-using equipment such as humidifiers, steamers and residential refrigerator ice makers.

NP Series Housings are constructed of polypropylene plastic. The heads are tapped with FPT connections on the inlet and outlet, and they are equipped with a pressure relief button to facilitate service. Each housing also comes with a small steel "L-shaped" mounting bracket (NP1BR) which, when secured to a permanent surface, can attach to the top of the housing's head. All are designed with "outside-in" directional flow of the water, resulting in more efficient filtering.

Standard Features

  • OEM quality replacement cartridges
  • Single, Twin, and Triple head manifolds that permit new installations
  • Inhibit scale & particulate removal
  • Remove objectionable taste and odor

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nucalgon water filtration systems and replacement filters
Particle Reduction .5 micron .5 micron
Gal. Capacity up to 60,000 gal up to 90,000 gal
Service Flow Rate up to 6 GPM up to 9 GPM
baker distributing ice design centers

Ice Design Centers
Our 15 Ice Design Centers and 120 Authorized Locations in Florida, Texas, Georgia Alabama, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Denver CO. Dedicated Foodservice / Ice Specialists with years of experience and a customer focus second to none. Learn more

manitowoc best in class

Best-in-class Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
For the past 17 years, FE&S (Foodservice Equipment & Supplies) magazine has named Manitowoc Ice the Overall Best-in-Class in the ice maker category as voted by foodservice consultants, distributors, dealers and operators. No other ice machine manufacturer can say that. That’s why Manitowoc ice machines remain America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine. View Manitowoc Ice Machines

manitowoc energy star rated

Manitowoc Ice Machines earn the ENERGY STAR®
Commercial ice machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average 15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient than other models. Manitowoc Ice leads the way with the highest number of qualifying ice machines that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines.

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Ice and Water Filtration solutions are ready for pickup or delivery from Baker Distributing Company. Shop Everpure, ArticPure, OptiPure and NuCalgon water filtration equipment from local ice machine sales centers or online. Find ice and water filtration solutions at our Sales Centers or an ICE Design Center near you.