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manitowoc ice multiplex sv seres ice and beverage dispenser

Multiplex SV Series Ice & Beverage Dispenser
Features a no-hassle, one-piece structural base, recessed coldplate inlets for more line space and a modular design to increase service speed.

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manitowoc ice multiplex mdh series ice and beverage dispensers

Multiplex MDH Series Ice and Beverage Dispenser
Features durable stainless steel ice bin, provides up to 20 valves with 400 lbs. of ice storage for high volume accounts.

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manitowoc ice multiplex FRP flavr pic ice and beverage dispensers

Multiplex Flav'r Pic Ice/Beverage Dispenser
FLAV’R PIC ice/beverage dispenser gives your customer over a million combinations to customize their drink to their taste.

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manitowoc ice multiplex s-series ice and beverage dispensers

Multiplex S-Series Ice Dispenser
S-Series ice dispensers feature a no-hassle one-piece structural base and modular design for more durable ice only dispenser.

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manitowoc ice multiplex m-series ice and beverage dispensers

Multiplex M-Series Ice Dispenser
M-Series ice dispensers’ simple design, upfront serviceability and quality construction ensures long equipment life.

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Whats your Ice Type?

Crushed Ice

Manitowoc® Ice dice or half dice cubes crushed into small pieces using a Manitowoc Ice machine and a Servend® beverage dispenser equipped with icepick® ice crusher.

crushed ice

Ice/Beverage Series 1020C ice machine on Multiplex SV-250 beverage dispenser

ice and beverage dispensers crushed ice

Ice Machines Designed Specifically for Beverage Dispensers

With a narrow depth of only 14" (35.56 cm) deep versus standard models that are 23" (58.42 cm) deep, the Manitowoc/Beverage Series provides the operator with easy access to the inside of the dispenser for cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance.

This unique capability is made possible by Manitowoc’s patented CVD® technology which results in an extremely compact design and allows the machine to operate with virtually no noise or heat exhaust. It also provides a large open front access area that permits convenient manual loading of ice in the ice dispenser should the need arise. The Ice/Beverage unit will not obstruct sight lines and can be installed or retrofitted to virtually any commercial beverage dispenser.

This compact Ice/Beverage Series ice machine is available in high volume ice production capacities to satisfy nearly every beverage dispenser application at quick service restaurants, convenience stores, recreational or educational foodservice operations.

baker distributing ice design centers

Ice Design Centers
Our 15 Ice Design Centers and 120 Authorized Locations in Florida, Texas, Georgia Alabama, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Denver CO. Dedicated Foodservice / Ice Specialists with years of experience and a customer focus second to none. Learn more

manitowoc best in class

Best-in-class Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
For the past 17 years, FE&S (Foodservice Equipment & Supplies) magazine has named Manitowoc Ice the Overall Best-in-Class in the ice maker category as voted by foodservice consultants, distributors, dealers and operators. No other ice machine manufacturer can say that. That’s why Manitowoc ice machines remain America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine. View Manitowoc Ice Machines

manitowoc energy star rated

Manitowoc Ice Machines earn the ENERGY STAR®
Commercial ice machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average 15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient than other models. Manitowoc Ice leads the way with the highest number of qualifying ice machines that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines.

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