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OptiPure® is a leading provider of water treatment solutions for the foodservice industry.

OptiPure manufactures a complete line of commercial water filtration systems, membrane separation (reverse osmosis) systems and water softeners for applications including ice makers, fountain beverages, coffee and tea brewers, espresso, combi ovens and warewashing.

Optipure FX & QT Water Filtration Systems

OptiPure Water Filtration

Filter up to 90,000 gallons per day

OptiPure filtration systems are a single housing water treatment system with a 10” drop-in cartridge that reduces sediment down to 0.5 micron and reduces chlorine, taste & odor at a flow rate of 1.5 GPM for 15,000 gallons. The system includes IsoNet®, OptiPure’s patented scale inhibiting technology, which delivers consistent protection against the precipitation and accumulation of scale and provides a protective barrier to help guard against corrosion.

Standard Features

  • OptiPure’s patented scale inhibiting technology helps protect equipment against scale and corrosion for the rated capacity of the system.
  • Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, and extends equipment life.
  • Gradient-density depth filtration reduces dirt, rust, and other debris as small as 1/2 micron to assure clean, clear water and protect solenoids, valves and other fittings against wear and plugging.
  • High-capacity activated carbon filtration makes water taste great and protects equipment against corrosive chlorine.

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optipure water filtration systems and replacement filters
Particle Reduction .5 micron .5 micron
Gal. Capacity up to 60,000 gal up to 90,000 gal
Service Flow Rate up to 6 GPM up to 9 GPM

OptiPure offers QT and FX-style water filtration systems that are NSF-certified for chlorine, taste, & odor-reduction rated from 15,000 gallons to 67,500 gallons.

In addition to chlorine and, in some occurrences, chloramines, there is an array of man-made and naturally occurring contaminants, such as dissolved organics and pesticides, that impart an off taste and odor in water. Activated carbon is the best technology for reducing chlorine, chloramine, and off taste and odor.

OptiPure CTO filtration cartridges utilize high-quality activated carbon to reduce chlorine, taste & odor. The CTO media structure is entirely composed of a dense structure of fibers coated with Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC). The high-mass of carbon, along with the gradient-depth structure of these cartridges, provides tremendous surface area and contact time as water flows through. This media structure contributes to the exceptional performance and capacity of OptiPure systems.

water filtration equipment available at baker distributing

QT Makes Changing Filters Quick, Easy & Sanitary

QT water filter systems use a “Qwik-Twist” (QT) cartridge. Simply discard the cartridge and “twist” in the replacement

QT Advantages:
  • In-store staff can easily change filter cartridges
  • No need to empty water from a sump or clean and sanitize before replacing the filter
  • OptiPure Multi-Point systems use all QT cartridges from beginning to end!
  • In-store staff can easily change filter cartridges
  • Filter replacement is quick and simple. Turn off the water, a quarter-turn to the left, pull down and remove the cartridge. Line up the insert arrows, push the new cartridge into the filter head, a quarter-turn to the right and the filter is replaced. It’s that simple.

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water filtration equipment available at baker distributing

FX Water Filter Systems offer Exceptional Performance and Great Value!

FX Advantages:
  • Replacement cartridge cost-per-gallon is much less than with quick-change filters
  • Generates less waste than metal or plastic quick-change filters. Only the drop-in media is discarded — more environmentally-friendly choice
  • Based on performance, system cost is typically less than quick-change style systems
  • Lower cost replacement cartridges compared to the quick-change cartridges

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