Nu-Calgon - 4050-01 - A/C EasySeal SS

Item Number: NU405001  MFR Part Number: 4050-01


A/C Easyseal-SS
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A/C EasySeal is designed to prevent as well as repair leaks anywhere in the system, including condensers, evaporators, copper lines, and soldered joints. It is easily injected into the system, traveling with the refrigerant, searching for leaks. The fact that A/C EasySeal travels with the refrigerant is very important to its ability to find leaks faster, using less sealant than those sealants designed to mix and travel with the systems oil.

The A/C EasySeal circulates through the system with the refrigerant seeking out leaks rather than migrating slowly with the oil…keeping in mind that only a small portion of the system oil actually migrates with the refrigerant through the system.A/C EasySeal will react with moisture or air that is naturally present at a leak, forming a secure seal.

A/C EasySeal is compatible with the refrigerant, oil and all system materials and it will not react until it comes into contact with the air and moisture at the leak, forming a seal.A/C EasySeal is a time saver. It finds leaks quickly and seals them, saving the time and money required in searching for the smallest leaks.
With A/C EasySeal, the contractor is able to just add a can to the system and be confident the leak has been fixed and move on to the next job.In most cases, one can will seal systems that have lost all refrigerant in as little as seven days and is designed for large systems up to 5 tons. For systems 1.5 tons to fractional, use A/C EasySeal-SS.

California residents: see Proposition 65 Warning

Weight0.26 Pounds (Lb)
Width2.5 Inches (In)
Height5 Inches (In)
Country of OriginUSA
Length2.5 Inches (In)
Application Temperature>50°F (10°C)
Shelf LifeIndefinite
ApplicationRefrigeration line Sealant
CompositionButane Propane Ethanol
Container TypePressurized Can
FunctionsPrevents and Seals Refrigerant Leaks in Residential and Light-Commercial ACR Systems
Package Quantity6x1 case
Size1.25 Ounce
StandardsOSHA hazardous chemical