MARS - 32342 - Crankcase Heater 14HT6 - 400

Item Number: MARS32342  MFR Part Number: 32342


32342 - Crankcase Heater 14HT6-400
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MARS solid state crankcase heater is a PTCR self regulating device which performs in a similar manner to a heater and thermostat combination. Unlike conventional resistance heater and thermostat combinations which provide only fully on or fully off operation, MARS solid state crankcase heater emits heat in proportion to the compressor requirements. As compressor temperature decreases, current flow through the heater increases causing it to heat up. When the compressor is warm and additional heat is not required, current flow decreases. Only enough electricity is consumed to maintain the correct temperature. MARS solid state crankcase heaters are self adjusting to voltage variations. MARS 32342 is for use on heaterless compressors to help correct refrigerant migration or as a preventative maintenance precaution. It will replace belly-band heaters on compressors up to 5 HP, 120 and 240 VAC. MARS 32342 attaches to the compressor using high temperature, pressure sensitive aluminum foil. If more heat is required, a second 32342 may be wired in parallel and applied to the opposite side of the compressor.

• Total solid state reliability
• Self regulating
• 32342-fast, easy installation
• UL E49372, SA5202
• CSA LR46861, LR80111

California residents: see Proposition 65 Warning

Weight0.2 Pounds (Lb)
Width3.1 Inches (In)
Height2 Inches (In)
Country of OriginMEX
Length4.8 Inches (In)
Voltage240-601 VAC
Control Voltage35-45
Cable Length1.28 +/-.03"
ApplicationMulti-Voltage In-Well PTC
Lead LengthNone provided by manufacturer
TypePTC Crankcase Heater
Warranty OfferedYes