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Manage Users makes it easy to manage and organizes your users, roles and permissions. User roles define the permissions your users have once they are signed in to the site. The Company Admin can add and manage multiple users. The Company Admin or a Company Manager can approve orders and set purchasing limits.

There are 3 User Types:

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Buyer


  • the person that connected their in-store account to the website.
  • This is the only user that can add additional company users​ or create additional user roles.


  • can do/see everything Admin does except adding/editing users​ and roles


  • Can purchase under an individual buyer ID
  • Cannot view account financial information including invoices / statements
  • Can have financial limits applied with purchases approvals based on a defined dollar value
  • Can be restricted to only purchasing from a list of approved products using quicklists
  • Can be restricted to only buying on certain job accounts

Manage User Roles

  • Permissions for Manager and Buyer can be edited. Edit User Roles
  • Additional roles can be created by the Admin

Organize Users

  • Easy to view and edit users​ in a list or tree model
  • Create your own roles. You are not limited to the default roles of manager and buyer.​​
  • Add Separate Groups like purchasing or beginner tech to group your users.