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hvac/r oils and blends

Industry standard oils and blends for medium and low-temperature commercial refrigeration applications

We stock oils used for residential and commercial air conditioning and for medium and low-temperature commercial refrigeration applications, including: food service, supermarket display cases, food storage and processing, and transport refrigeration systems. Our lines include, Freon™, the highest quality and performance across multiple applications within air conditioning and refrigeration.

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nu-calgon refrigeration oils
nu-calgon refrigeration oils

Nu-Calgon Refrigeration Oils

The Emkarate Family Of Lubricants Is A Wide Range Of Polyol Ester Refrigeration Oil Products. They Are Designed Specifically For Use with Hfc Refrigerants, Developed To Meet The Performance Demands Of The Refrigeration Industry. This Superior Performance Is Achieved with Base Fluids That Are Specifically Formulated To Deliver Optimum Performance with Minimal Additive Levels. Zero Refrigeration Oil is a high-quality, premium synthetic alkyl benzene refrigeration oil. It is similar in many ways to natural mineral oils but has superior properties that make it particularly valuable in refrigeration, air-conditioning applications.

diversitech refrigeration oils
diversitech refrigeration oils and blends

Diversitech® Refrigeration Oils

Protek-100™ Is An Inhibited Propylene Glycol Based Industrial Heat Transfer Fluid and Antifreeze That Contains Food Grade Corrosion Inhibitors. It Is Suitable For Use In Potable Water Systems. Is Designed To Provide Freeze and Burst Protection, Excellent Thermal Conductance, Protection Against Corrosion and Fouling and Long Term Stability In Closed Recirculating Water Loops. Provides Burst Protection To -100 °F. Freeze Points and Burst Points Are Controlled By the Propylene Glycol To Water Ratio.

copeland emerson refrigeration oils
copeland emerson refrigeration oils and blends

Copeland Refrigeration Oils

Alkylbenzenesynthetic refrigeration lubricants provide outstanding performance for extended drain intervals and better thermal stability compared to traditional mineral oil. They can be used in systems designed for CFCs (R-12, R-502) and HCFCs (R-22, retrofit blends). Alkylbenzenes are made from the highest quality synthetic base stocks and provide outstanding performance and protection in compressors. These synthetic lubricants do not contain wax and can survive longer than mineral oils at high compressor discharge temperatures. Alkylbenzenes typically run cleaner in systems than mineral based oils. Available in 150 SUS, 200 SUS and 300 SUS viscosities, these products can be used in most reciprocating, rotary vane, and scroll compressors on the market today.

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