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Find high-performance fiber glass duct board that offers a high-performance alternative to traditional sheet metal ducts. It provides a number of performance benefits to HVAC contractors, as well as residential and commercial building occupants. Provide excellent thermal and acoustical insulating while dampening unwanted noise and promotes consistent temperatures for less wasted energy.

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owens corning ductboard
owens corning ductboard, duct wrap and duct liner

Owens Corning Ductboard, Liner & Wrap

Owens Corning™ QuietR® Duct Board Is A Rigid, Resin Bonded Fibrous Glass Board with A Tough, Damage-Resistant, Flame-Retardant, Reinforced Aluminum Foil (FRK) Facing.

johns manville hvacr ductboard available at baker distributing company
johns manville hvacr ductboard available at baker distributing

Johns Manville Ductboard

JM duct board solutions offer a wide range of benefits to fit your requirements and needs. Fiber glass duct board that offers a high-performance alternative to traditional sheet metal ducts. JM duct board dampens unwanted noise and promotes consistent temperatures for less wasted energy. In addition, it contributes to a healthier indoor environment through less air leakage and is protected against damage from microbial growth. Homeowners and occupants will enjoy the benefits of improved comfort, while installing contractors will find JM duct board is easy to fabricate for faster installation.

reflectix hvacr duct wrap
reflectix hvacr insulation and wrap

Reflectix Insulation and Wrap

Reflection Duct Insulaton Is The Number-One Choice For: Safety, Energy-Savings, Durability, Ease Of Installation Double-Reflective, Double-Bubble Insulation with High R-Values (Up To R-21, Depending On Situational Variables) Is Perfect For Ducts In Potential Heat-Loss Areas Such As: Crawl Spaces Radiant Floors Exterior Walls Garages Attics Its Fiber-Free Construction Contributes To Dust-Free Installation, Saving On Labor Costs. Two 94%-Reflective Layers Of Film Bonded To Two Internal Layers Of Heavy Gauge Polyethylene Bubbles (Total Thickness 5/16”) Resist Mold, Fungus, and Mildew, For Permanent, Maintenance-Free Protection. Can Be Used For Rectangular or Round Ductwork; Available In A Variety Of Widths and Lengths. Made In USA.

3M hvac ductboard wrap
3M hvar fire wrap

3M Fire Wrap

Thin, lightweight and flexible, 3M™ Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ provides excellent insulating capabilities and offers a space-saving alternative to traditional bulky fire protection methods obtained through a gypsum wall shaft or enclosure. This wrap is commonly used in commercial kitchen grease ducts, as well as ventilation ducts. Proven alternative to 1- and 2-hour fire resistant rated shaft enclosures for grease ducts Lightweight and thin, for ease of installation and space saving, while allowing custom installation applications with multiple layers where needed Butted inner layer in 2-layer grease duct applications Zero clearance to combustible throughout the entire enclosure system

armacell hvacr pipe and tubing insulation
armacell armaflex flex pipe insulation

Armacell ArmaFlex Flex Pipe Wrap

The original, Fiber-Free, Flexible Elastomeric Pipe Insulation For Reliable Protection Against Condensation, Mold and Energy Loss. AP Armaflex is the Ideal Insulation Material For Hvac & Refrigeration Systems In Environments Where The Highest Levels Of Condensation Control and Indoor Air Quality Are Required.

k-flex hvacr pipe and tubing insulation
k-flex flex pipe insulation

K-Flex Flexible Pipe Insulation

K-FLEX USA is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric, closed cell insulation products that are easy-to-use and deliver reliable and lasting performance. Innovative and responsive to the market, K-Flex USA partners with our customers to provide solutions for demanding insulation applications. INSUL-TUBE® pipe insulation is widely recognized by the HVAC/R and Plumbing wholesale trade as having superior product characteristics, including cold weather flexibility, durable skin surface and exacting manufacturing tolerances.

aeroflex hvacr pipe insulation
aeroflex flex pipe insulation

AeroFlex Flexible Pipe Insulation

Aeroflex USA’s EPDM insulation is engineered to be used extensively in conditioning systems for coolness loss reduction, condensation prevention, and energy efficiency. Our high-quality products are designed to outlast our competitors, proven by certifications from world’s leading standards such as ASTM, UL, FDA, CDPH and etc. Aerocel® EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation is designed to insulate air ducts, air handling cabinets, and more. Aerocel EPDM Tube and Sheet lnsulation is a flexible, closed-cell and light weight EPDM* based elastomeric material designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating lines.

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