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hvac/r copper tubing,  copper line sets and copper fittings

High-performance alternative to traditional sheet metal ducts

Find premium quality copper tube and pipe for plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration and other applications. We offer a complete line of US-made Streamline copper tube, plastic-coated copper tube and line sets.

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mueller copper tubing
mueller streamline hvacr copper tubing and line sets

Streamline Copper Tubing, Line Sets & Fittings

Mueller Industries is a global leader of premium-quality tube and pipe for plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration and other applications. We offer a complete line of US-made Streamline Copper Tube, Plastic-Coated Copper Tube and Line Sets. We also offer a full line of NAFTA approved Steel pipe and Ready Cut pipe under our Southland brand. Mueller Industries has been providing our customers with the best products, services, and support in the HVAC/R industry. We invented and pioneered the now famous Streamline solder type copper fitting and Nitrogenized ACR copper tube that have become industry standards.

parker zoomlock copper fittings
parker zoomlock copper fittings

Parker Zoomlock

Parker ZoomLock fittings are specially designed to work without brazing, which automatically makes your job simpler and faster when joining copper tubes. In addition, the one-piece fittings are reliably secure, leak-proof and more repeatable than brazed connections — so there’s no compromise on quality or performance.

gastite steel gas pipe
Gastite stainless steel tubing

GasTite Stainless Steel Tubing

FlashShield™ Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) supplies natural gas or LP gas to appliances. FlashShield is a reliable, lightning-resistant system that can be installed in all modes of construction. Flexibility and no additional bonding means quick and easy installations: FlashShield® installs 30-70% faster than traditional piping methods. CSST flexible gas piping supplies natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to appliances.

gastite steel gas pipe
mueller iron gas pipe tubing and fittings

Mueller Iron Gas Pipe and Fittings

Steel Pipe & Ready Cut Pipe Our extensive line of Southland welded black steel and galvanized steel pipe meets rigid industry standards – and is backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry. Available in 1/4” to 6” diameters and offered in either 10-foot or 21-foot cut lengths, our steel pipes offer a choice of plain, threaded or coupled ends. Malleable Iron Fittings We Offer One Of The Most Extensive Selections Of Black and Galvanized Malleable Iron Fittings In The Industry. Available In 13 Diameters From 1/8” To 6”, Every Fitting Is Produced To Exact Specifications. All Galvanized Products Are Zinc-Coated For Water Applications and Meet All Low-Lead Requirements. In Addition, All Of Our Iron Fittings Undergo Our Rigorous Testing and Quality Inspection.

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