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Account Setup

Go to Account Setup
  • Add / Edit Users
  • Change Account
  • Change Job Account


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  • Pickup
  • Delivery


Go to Quicklists Guide
  • Find
  • Release
  • Checkout


Go to Shopping Guide
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  • Local Search
  • Filters
  • Checkout


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Account Setup

Change Baker Location

To change the default preferred location, or to shop temporarily from another Baker location, follow these steps.

1. Click on the drop-down icon next to the listed Baker location.

2. Select Find Other Stores.

3. Enter the city and state, use current location, or use the interactive map to find the closest Baker locations. 

4. A menu will appear with the closest Baker locations.

5. To temporarily shop out of a Baker location, click on Select Store.

6. To permanently change the default Baker location, select Set Preferred.

7. The location will now be set to the selected Baker store.

Add / Edit / Remove Additional Users

There are three User Roles:


  • The person that connected their in-store Baker account to the website.
  • The only user who can add additional users or create customized user roles.


  • Can do / see everything the Admin does except for adding / editing users and roles.


  • Can purchase under an individual buyer ID.
  • Can't view account financial information, including invoices and statements.
  • Can have financial limits applied with purchase approvals based on a defined dollar value.
  • Can be restricted to only purchasing from a list of approved products using quicklists.
  • Can be restricted to only buying on certain job accounts.

Add Authorized User:

1. Select Company Users from the tabs on the left side of the screen. 

2. Click on the blue plus icon. 

3. Fill out the pop up form with the required information.

4. Once completed, click on Save.

Edit User Role

1. Select Company Users from the tabs on the left side of the screen.

2. Find the listed user to edit. Click on the three dots under Actions. 

3. Select User Settings.

4. Permissions and restrictions for account access can be changed by selecting Edit

5. Order Approval & Price Visibility allows for creating a budget and supervisor purchase approval for users. 

6. Select the appropriate settings and click Save.

7. For more specialized roles, clicking on Roles and Permissions from the tabs on the left side of the screen allows for full customization.

8. Once a new role has been created, this role will be available to assign to users. 

Job Account / Baker Account Change

1. To shop under a specific job account, or change the Baker account number, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner.  

2. Select the correct account.

3. A confirmation alert will appear in the bottom right hand corner.

4. To return to shopping from the main account, click on Job Account and select the Job Account text from the drop-down menu. 


Checkout Step By Step Guide

To checkout, click on the cart icon in the upper right hand corner.

Select Checkout.

Completing an order requires only a few verification steps.

  • You have the ability to select a Job Account. (If you are releasing a quote, this will have been preselected by your Baker representative.)
  • Assign a Purchase Order #.
  • Designate a Job Name.

The next step is choosing how you would like to recieve your order.  Pickup or Delivery.

Choosing regular pickup will allow you to schedule the date of your pickup.

Click Next to continue.

Some orders may qualify for Baker Express pickup.

Your order will be ready in as little as 30 minutes after it is submitted.

  • In stock items are eligible for Baker Express. Please contact your sales center regarding out-of-stock items.
  • Equipment orders and orders with a large number of line items may not be eligible for Baker Express. They may take longer than 30 minutes after placing your order.


Choose your payment option

  • On Account: Order will be invoiced to your Baker store credit account.
  • Credit Card: Make payment at time of placing order.
  • Pay On Pickup: Make payment when order received.

Click Next after selecting the payment option. 

Review your order. 

Include notes; if needed.

Click on Place Order to complete your order. 


  • Select Your Delivery Address
  • Pick Your Delivery Date
  • Select Available Delivery Method

Choose your payment option

  • On Account: Order will be invoiced to your Baker store credit account.
  • Credit Card: Make payment at time of placing order.
  • Click Next.

Review your order. 

Include notes; if needed.

Click on Place Order to complete your order. 


Find Your Quote

There are multiple ways to navigate to quotes (a), but to find the most recent and active, scroll down to Open Quotes (b).

Click on the quote you would like to view and/or release.

Review the quote for accuracy.

Click on Accept Quote when ready to checkout. 


Find Your Quicklist

There are multiple ways to navigate to quicklists (a).  To view all, click on View All Quicklists from the menu on the right. (b)

Click on the list that you want to shop from. This example will be A Quicklist Sample.

Check the boxes to select the items needed. (a.)  Quantity can be adjusted by clicking the up/down arrow next to the number. (b.) Click on Add Selected To Cart to move items to the cart. (c.)  To add the entire contents to the cart, check the Select All box (d.) and then click the Add Selected To Cart button.

Click on the cart icon in the upper right hand corner.  Click on View Cart, or the Checkout button to complete your order.

Creating / Adding to Quicklists

Items can be sent to a quicklist from the main shopping results page and from the product detail page as well. 

Click on the Add to Quicklist drop down, and select the correct quicklist.

To add multiple items to a list all at once, click on Quick Order. (a.)

Type/paste item #s in the Multiple Item Search Box. (b.)

Click Add To The List. (c.)

All items will be loaded on the next screen.

Adjust quantities if needed.

Click Add to Quicklist (d.) and either select an existed list or scroll down to Create Quicklist to create new.

Modifying Quicklists

a. To permanently change quantites on a quicklist, adjust the number and then click on Update Quantities.

b. Clicking the three dots under Actions will allow an item to be deleted. Dragging the two dashes under Sort gives the ability to rearrange a quicklist order.

c. Manage Permissions grants/restricts access to other users on the account.


AHRI matchups take a few simple steps.

     1. Look up the first piece of equipment needed.

     2. From the results page, click on the item. 

From the product detail page

The AHRI Matchups can be accessed two ways:

     1. Scroll down the detail page to the menu

     2. Click on the AHRI Matchup button to jump to the menu

AHRI Matchup Menu

     1. From the menu, select the matchup fitting the requirements.

AHRI Detail Page

     1. The detail page contains the full AHRI equipment list

AHRI Detail Page

     a. The full page can be printed

     b. The full list of equipment can be added directly to the cart (see Checkout Guide)

     c. To get the official AHRI certificate, click on Search for Certificate

AHRI Certificate Lookup

     1. Enter the AHRI number provided in the search bar at the top of the screen and click Search

AHRI Certificate Results

     1. Click Select for the matchup

AHRI Certificate Results

     1. Click on the reference number

AHRI Certificate Results

     1. The certificate will be downloaded as a pdf