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Baker Distributing is giving you a chance to win $500 just for purchasing Gree!

We have placed 20 Winning Gree outdoor units into the market for you to find!

With each Gree purchase, simply enter the Gree Outdoor Unit Serial Number of the unit you purchased. If your serial number is a Golden Ticket winning number, you win $500 instantly!

The winning serial numbers could be anywhere – In any market, In any town, In any Baker Distributing location or could be found online at bakerdist.com. The contest will continue until the last Golden Ticket is found.

- Happy Hunting!

19 Golden Tickets have BEEN FOUND!

You could be the next to win when you buy GREE.

City State Date
Just Found!
CA 08/09
Concord CA 08/08
Manhattan KS 08/02
Byron GA 05/25
Modesta CA 05/04
West Monroe LA 04/28
McAllen TX 04/27
Bakersfield CA 04/21
Lake Charles LA 04/14
Indianapolis IN 03/28
Charlottesville VA 03/14
Tyler TX 03/12
Longview TX 03/09
Vidalia GA 03/9
Katy TX 03/07
Katy TX 03/07
Melbourne FL 03/06
McAllen TX 02/28
Greenville MS 02/28