Do I need to create a new account to use Bakerdist.com?

If you have ordered with Baker in the past at one of our sales centers, you should already have an existing Baker cash/credit account. If you have a current cash/credit account, you do not need a new account. Current account holders can have their existing Baker account connected to Bakerdist.com. Click here to connect your cash/credit account to Bakerdist.com

How do I connect my cash/credit account to Bakerdist.com?

If you have a Baker account, connecting your existing in-store account will give you visibility to real time pricing and product availability as well as fast and easy online shopping. Contact eCommerce Customer Support at [email protected] or call them at (844) 289-0033 to have your account connected to the website.

Or click the following link and provide your account information and we will connect your account. https://www.bakerdist.com/register

Is there a wait period before my Bakerdist.com account will be activated?

Yes, please allow up to 24 hours for account activation.

I am new to Baker and have never held a cash/credit account at a local sales center. How do I create an online account?

If you don't have a Baker account, create an online account to easily shop from our vast inventory of top brands. Simply click on the link below to create an online only account. https://www.bakerdist.com/customer/account/create/

Can I give my staff, technicians or accounting department access to my company’s Bakerdist.com account?

Yes, you can add and manage multiple users from one Bakerdist.com account. Add new users or manage current users.

Can I set purchasing limits for my staff?

Yes, as long as a user is set up as either a Company Administrator or a Company Manager, they can be set with purchasing limits.

Is it possible to allow more than one account user to approve purchasing limits?

Yes, as long as a user is set up as either a Company Administrator or a Company Manager, they can be set as to approve purchasing limits. This will need to be assigned when setting up a new user.

Products & Pricing

Can I view and make purchases with my preferred pricing when using Bakerdist.com?

Yes, if you are a current cash/credit customer that has linked their account to bakerdist.com you will be able to view preferred pricing and place orders.

Can I view inventory from my local store?

Yes, Real time inventory availability is one of the key features of Bakerdist.com.

Can Bakerdist.com release a bid to an order?

Yes, bids can be accepted and converted to an online order.

How will I know when a backordered item has been received and will be shipped?

Backordered items will be communicated via your local sales center.

Can I re-order a list of products without finding individual items again?

Yes, products that are ordered frequently can be saved in a “quicklist” eliminating the need to search for them each time.

Can I view inventory at other sales center locations?

Yes, you can view inventory availability for any Baker location regardless of your current location. Use the Store Locator feature to change your current location.

Can I search for multiple products at once?

Yes, Bakerdist.com users can search for multiple items at one time by uploading an excel document or spreadsheet or by entering multiple item numbers via the Quick Order feature. You will then have the option to add items from the search to your cart or a quicklist.

Can I upload a list of products to create an order using an Excel document or spreadsheet?

Yes, Bakerdist.com users can add products from a spreadsheet (.csv) to their Bakerdist.com cart using the “Upload CSV” feature in Quick Order. We just added the “search multiple part” feature. You can take multiple part numbers at once put them in the “search multiple part” box, and search for all items at once. You will get the option to add them to a cart or add them to a quicklist folder.

Orders and Shipments

Can I complete an order on Bakerdist.com if I am on a credit hold?

Yes, Bakerdist.com will allow you to complete an order if your account is temporarily on credit hold. A sales center staff member will contact the account holder before shipment or pick-up is completed.

Can I be alerted when an an order is available for pick-up?

To request a pick-up notification, please notify your sales center staff by noting it in the “Notes to Store” box during checkout.


Can I print my invoices online?

Yes, bakerdist.com users can view their invoices and statements online. You also have the option to print your invoices.

Can I pay my invoices online?

Yes, bakerdist.com users can pay their invoices and statements online.


Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we have a technical support line for licensed contractors, the phone number is (866) 305-9974 and this can also be found on our website.

Do you have eCommerce support?

Yes, we have an eCommerce support line for Bakerdist.com users. The phone number is (844) 289-0033 and this can also be found on our website.