Daikin - CTXS Indoor Wall Mounted Unit (for Multi)

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Indoor Wall Mounted Unit (for Multi). Features of the Wall Mounted Unit include:
Dual Flap System: This unique system directs warm air to the floor in the winter and cool air across the room in summer for maximum efficiency and comfort. The large flap governs airflow direction while the small flap (or difuser) swings, producing fine air currents that help circulate the air around the room.
Intelligent Eye: The Intelligent Eye is an infrared sensor with the ability to sense movement in the room. When you are in the room, the air conditioner operates normally. If you leave the room for more than 20 minutes, the air conditioner automatically changes to an energy-saving operation. With Intelligent Eye, savings of up to 20% in cooling and 30% in heating, can be achieved.
Hot Start: When the heating operation starts or when the unit changes from cooling to heating, there is no cold draft released into the room.
Mold Proof Air Filter: The pre-filter net is impregnated with a safe, colorless and odorless mold preventative. This renders the filter virtually immune to mold.
Remote Control with Backlit Display: Features a backlit LCD and luminescent control buttons, allowing for easy viewing in dimly lit rooms.
Auto Restart Operation: The unit memorizes the operation mode, airflow and temperature settings. Should there be a power failure when the unit is in operation, it will automatically return to the same operating conditions when the power is restored
24 Hour On/Off Timer: The timer can be pre-set to start and stop the unit any time within a 24-hour period. Once the times are set, the unit can be operated for a period by simply pressing the ON or OFF timer buttons.

California residents: see Proposition 65 Warning