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Grow Your Business With Smart Monitoring Agreements

Offer your commercial and homeowner customers 24/7 service agreements with smart sensor solutions that protect against issues like unexpected A/C breakdowns, high water bills and property damage from mold, water and power outages.

Alert Labs is a simple, powerful technology that helps increase your maintenance revenue and save time.

Monitoring sensors provide real time 24/7 remote monitoring of residential central air conditioning systems.

Track AC health, flood detection, humidity, temperature sensing and even water flow monitoring. When unusual activity occurs, Alert Labs sends a mobile alert instantly providing you with the information you need to proactively diagnose the issue and dispatch the right service to the property. Know immediately if there's a leak, a pressure issue, or other maintenance that needs to be performed without waiting for a service interruption and a call from an angry customer. Best of all, this simple system takes less than 10 minutes to install.

Alert Labs Sensor Lineup
Alert Labs smart water and HVAC solutions are cellular-based systems that remotely monitor and send alerts for A/C systems and water usage. detect water leaks and floods.

Alert Labs smart water and HVAC solutions are cellular-based, commercial-grade systems that remotely monitor and send alerts for your customers’ A/C systems and water usage, as well as detect water leaks and floods.

These direct-to-internet devices don’t require your residential and commercial customers’ WiFi or wired networks. The sensors are easy to install and use a cellular connection to provide 24/7 real-time monitoring that can help your team.

Easy to install sensors help your team:

  • Spend less time onsite
  • Get alerts and remotely diagnose water and A/C issues before going onsite
  • Provide your property management, condominium, retail and homeowner customers with unique water leak & flood solutions
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Increase Revenue

Grow your business with service plans


Boost Customer Retention

Keep customers happy, reduce service interruptions


Reduce Service Costs

Plan maintenance calls and reduce truck rolls


Save Time

Take the right equipment and parts on the first visit

Alert Labs Building Insights Dashboard

alert labs homeowners ac dashboard

Dashboard for Homeowners

The platform monitors A/C performance and system status to keep the air conditioner running efficiently.

alert labs commercial contractor dashboard

Dashboard for Contractors

Historical data and analytics enable service teams to provide proactive maintenance and repairs which can lead to more efficient service dispatch and increased customer satisfaction.

alert labs properties dashboard

Command Center for All A/C Units

Monitor multiple customer properties in one place. Assign service team members to individual properties to receive emergency alerts and A/C analytics.

Sentree Remote A/C Monitoring

Remote 24/7 monitoring allows you to identify problems and perform proactive maintenance check ups on air conditioning systems.


24-Hour Monitoring


Cellular Connection


Predictive Maintenance


Real-Time Pressure


Air Conditioner Health

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Benefits to HVAC/R Contractors

Sentree can help HVAC contractors increase maintenance revenue, reduce truck rolls, and boost customer retention.

Easy to monitor customers remotely
Add valuable monitoring and support plans
Increase the profitability of your maintenance business
Increased customer satisfaction and retention

About Alert Labs

Alert Labs smart A/C and water solutions allow HVAC contractors to remotely monitor A/C performance, water usage, humidity and temperature, as well as detect water leaks and floods. The sensors send information and alerts about customer properties to your phone or computer so you can proactively diagnose issues and dispatch the right service.