Consumer Financing

A Financing HVAC Program For Your Residential HVAC Customers

Please click here to learn more about our Consumer Financing program and print an application.

Instructions for how to sign up for the financing program are below:

  1. Open the link and the Wells Fargo application will appear. Click Here for the link.
  2. Complete the application on your computer.
  3. Once completed, print the file.
  4. Add the required information.
    1. Copy of your Contractor License.
    2. Copy of voided business check.
    3. Read and sign the General Merchant Agreement.
    4. Fax the required pages to Wells Fargo at 1-877-279-4548.
    5. Once approved Wells Fargo will send you two emails.
      1. One will contain your Merchant ID.
      2. The second email will have your system generated password.
      3. Once these are received, follow the instructions and create your own sign on and password.
      4. A package of supplies will arrive which include:
        1. Applications
        2. Charge Slip
        3. Credit Card Act disclosures
        4. Completion Certificates (TX Only)

        For additional questions please contact Wells Fargo Client Services at 1-610-941-4464 or by email at

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